Hello Creative Soul

I’m Isabel, an artist and freelance writer from Cape Town, South Africa. Where words are my creative voice, brushstrokes are my visual language.

I work from my small home studio where I paint from imagination, allowing the art to become what it will. The blooms, birds and other winged creatures that take shape on the page are pure serendipity.

My signature style of painting is intuitive, free and expressive – creating vibrant botanicals full of energy and movement. 

Through my art, I hope to inspire a sense of joy and rejuvenation for the viewer, breathing new life into spaces, places and people.

Creating from a place of

Inspired by

Art Process

The elusive, unpredictable nature of intuitive painting creates a beautiful tension. What emerges is a paradox – a painting that is bold and delicate, complex and simple, evocative and subtle. This creative process teaches me to let go of perfection and trust the process. This is when the magic happens. I’m learning to embrace this philosophy in art and life. 

I hope you pause awhile, to explore a special collection of original paintings and limited edition fine art prints.  

Love & Art

Follow my creative process and musings on Instagram @isabelcrause_watercolourist

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